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In the recent years yoga has become a large part of people’s everyday lives, so much it actually became even an almost required service sought after even while on holiday. The Slovenian hotel Hotel Kristal has adapted accordingly and now enabled you to spend your yoga vacation in their hotel. With it being one of the top family hotels in Slovenia as well, you can now combine these two vacations into one. Visit this hotel near Lake Bohinj once and you’ll be sure to return.

Yoga vacations in hotelYoga vacations in a hotel - ultimate relaxation

Hotel Kristal as mentioned offers you to spend your yoga vacation in their hotel, which mean the services they provide include a number of yoga and even ayurvedic treatments, for an all-around cleansing holiday, which will have you return home refreshed and full of new vigor. You can spend your vacations meditating and doing yoga as part of an organized group, or book highly educated trainers for individual sessions. What makes this Slovenian hotel special is the ability to perform yoga even outside, in the sunshine, breathing in clear mountain air while bringing body and soul back into harmony. Spend your yoga vacation in this Slovenian hotel and return home a new person.

Hotel Kristal -the top family hotel in Slovenia

Now if you want to spend your yoga vacation in a hotel, but wish to bring your children with you, fret not! Hotel Kristal is one of the top family hotels in Slovenia. Able to book activities to keep your little ones occupied while you’re enjoying a meditation session is no issue. This Slovenian hotel prides itself on being called one of the top family hotels in Slovenia, not just the region, which means nor parent nor child will have to compensate to get the perfect vacation they want. The wide range of activities the region has to offer will have all generations interested and by the end of your vacation at this Slovenian hotel you will be singing praises about the best family hotel in Slovenia as well.

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