Slovenian hotels - the world made small

Ever wanted to take several different vacations at the same time? Go to the seaside one day, hike on snow-covered mountains the next, visit wineries the day after that? It might seems impossible, but Slovenian hotels, or any kind of accommodation in Slovenia, enables you to do just that.

Slovenia hotelAccommodation in Slovenia is affordable in price, but rich in offer

Whether you’ve decided to go on a low-budget back-packing trip alone or you’re more of an all-inclusive family resorts kind of person, Slovenian hotels will allow you to visit the same sights no matter the traveling style you choose. Literally any accommodation in Slovenia is mere two, maybe three hours away from any other point in the country. Vacationing in one of the Slovenian hotels is therefore a possibility, no matter which destination caught your fancy in the first place.

If you stay at our all-inclusive family resort, the Slovenian Hotel Kristal, for example, you will be situated in Bohinj, a beautiful tourist town in the north-western part of the country. The Julian Alps, along with our highest mountain Triglav, will be just around the corner, along with several other popular sights and activities like Lake Bohinj, Lake Bled, Soča valley and more.

But a mere two-hour drive by car south-west from this Slovenian hotel will get you to the Slovenian seaside and its beautiful cities like Portorož, Piran, Koper and Ankaran, who all offer accommodation in Slovenia of their own, as well as beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and sunsets you will want to see at least once.

You might want to visit one of the world-renowned caves, like the Postojna cave or Škocjan caves. Again, starting at the northern all-inclusive family resort Hotel Kristal, it will take you no more than an hour and a half to reach this popular tourist destination, advertised in almost all Slovenian hotels.

All-inclusive family resorts needn’t be stuffy

Sometimes all-inclusive family resorts seem disconnected from their surroundings, locking the inhabitants inside their walls instead of allowing them to explore freely. Our Hotel Kristal is anything but. We encourage you to go visit the local sights and take full advantage of our greatest asset: being a hotel in Slovenia. Being able to travel around the country and see so much in so little time is one of the greatest draws accommodation in Slovenia has to offer.

If your family can’t decide on one type of vacation, why make them choose? Bring them to Hotel Kristal and you can all have what you wish.

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