Locally grown food from Gorenjska

When it comes to healthy living, everyone knows food is one of the big points one needs to take care of. And while in terms of price and availability imported foods might be the easier solution, it is locally grown food that is the better option. Hotel Kristal supports local organic farms by using only their locally grown food in our two restaurants.

Locally grown foodLocal healthy restaurants support local organic farms

Using locally grown food has several plus sides for local healthy restaurants making use of them. One can be certain the food will be fresh, not having lain around in ships, truck or even planes. Local organic farms do not use pesticides and other chemicals, which could endanger the consumer’s health or even force them into an allergic reaction, no matter how well the food was washed. By buying locally grown food local healthy restaurants also help local organic farms stay in business and remain competitive with the onslaught of imported fruits and vegetables from all around the world. The price might be a little bit higher, but isn’t that a welcome concession when thinking about the well-being of the people eating this food, especially still developing children, who will react no one knows how to the introduction of completely foreign chemicals to their system.

Local organic farmsLocal and sustainable foods in local healthy restaurants

Locally grown food is sometimes discriminated against because of the way it looks. By not using pesticides and other substances, the food tends to look less polished, not like the fruit and vegetables we see in ads. Instead of glossy finishes and perfect shapes, these foods have creases, blemishes and are all-around less perfect-looking. But the real difference is not in the looks, it’s in the taste. Locally grown food tastes richer and more wholesome, it keeps you sated for longer and you don’t need to make sure you’ve cleaned it thoroughly before allowing yourself to ingest it. This is why Hotel Kristal’s two restaurants rely almost solely on local and sustainable food from local organic farms.

If you decide to visit, don't forget to try our unique handmade chocolates.

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