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Lake Bohinj hotel Kristal is a favorite destination for tourists

Lake Bohinj Hotel Kristal is something special. Not only because it has some of the best family hotel offers in Slovenia. Not only because the personnel is very friendly. Lake Bohinj Hotel Kristal is special because it is a fly fishing Slovenian hotel and because it offers yoga vacations in hotel. In addition Lake Bohinj Hotel Kristal is one of those hotels in Slovenia that is surrounded by most beautiful nature. Lake Bohinj accommodation is so special because it offers some of the Europe’s most unspoiled and pristine nature in its area.

Lake Bohinj Hotel KristalVarious possibilities in Lake Bohinj Hotel Kristal

The area is perfect for yoga vacations in hotel because there is a lot of peace and quiet there. On the other hand Lake Bohinj Hotel Kristal is also a family fun hotel where there is plenty of the activities for all members of the family: from the youngest ones to the oldest ones.

We are one of the best fly fishing hotels in Slovenia

The surrounding area of this Slovenian hotel is also a paradise for fly fishing. We are proud to say that we are a fly fishing Slovenian hotel. For those fishermen who love to catch a lot of fish and in addition enjoy in the most beautiful nature Lake Bohinj Hotel Kristal is a perfect destination.

Yoga vacations in hotel is an outstanding alternative

If you seek something else, yoga vacations in hotel are an outstanding alternative. Enjoy peace and quiet and arrange yourselves one of the best family hotel offers in Slovenia. Not many hotels in Slovenia offer yoga vacations in hotel. Due to the fact that we are also a fly fishing Slovenian hotel, different combinations in activities for several family members are also possible.