Lake Bohinj accommodation for your maximum pleasure

Lake Bohinj accommodation is perfect if you love the nature, cherish superb hotel service, enjoy eating fresh and healthy food and enjoy in numerous Lake Bohinj activities in Slovenia, such as Lake Bohinj canoeing or fly fishing in Slovenia. Lake Bohinj accommodation offers you fly fishing in Sava Bohinjka in Slovenia, which is famous for its beauty and pureness of its water. Lake Bohinj weather is very pleasant. In summer you can easily swim in the lake; in winter there are many ski resorts there to enjoy skiing. The weather is not too hot and not too cold. It is perfectly moderate. Therefore, Lake Bohinj accommodation is perfect for those who dislike weather extremes.

The best Lake Bohinj accommodation in our hotel

Our Lake Bohinj hotel Kristal is known as the best Lake Bohinj accommodation. The quality of our offer and services is sided by our organization of several activities near Lake Bohinj near Slovenia. Lake Bohinj canoeing and fly fishing in Sava Bohinjka in Slovenia are very popular.

Lake Bohinj accommodation

Lake Bohinj canoeing is very interesting

One of the most popular activities nearLake Bohinj in Slovenia is Lake Bohinj canoeing. Lake Bohinj canoeing is a really good choice because the water in the Lake Bohinj is pure and clear. Almost one half of the shore of the Lake is accessible only by foot or by boat that is why it offers you a lot of little hidden places where you can enjoy freely in your privacy. Summer lake Bohinj weather allows bathing with the temperature of water up to 24 degrees Celsius.

There are many different lake Bohinj activities in Slovenia

Fly fishing is very popular near Lake Bohinj. It is one of those Lake Bohinj activities in Slovenia that attracts a lot of foreign visitors. The catch is good and fishermen can enjoy their privacy and solitude during fishing. Therefore, the popularity of Lake Bohinj accommodation is increasing.