Hotel Kristal is one of the best family hotels in Slovenia

When it comes to deciding on a place to stay while vacationing in a foreign country with your family, which also includes children of all ages, one needs to make sure to pick a family fun hotel. If you’re vacationing in Slovenia, the choice is pretty easy, as Hotel Kristal in one of the top family hotels in Slovenia.

But what exactly does being one of the top family hotels in Slovenia even entail?

Well, for one, it’s the hotel’s phenomenal location. Being situated anywhere in Slovenia is frankly a great thing in any case, as the country offers so much on suck a small space. But, since the Slovenian Hotel Kristal was built in the Gorenjska region, very close to famous sightseeing spots like Lake Bohinj and the Slovenian Alps, it makes for a fantastic getaway spot. The top family hotels in Slovenia are always situated in beautiful places of the country, with Hotel Kristal taking up space in the north-west corner, which is famous for its beautiful clear lakes, fresh air and mountains wherever you cast your glance. If you’re visiting in summer you can swim in the lakes, go hiking, even atop the highest of mountains, go cycling, rafting and so on and so forth. The amount of activities offered to you is nigh endless.

Best family hotel in Slovenia

Does being the best family hotel in Slovenia mean only great sightseeing spots?

Not at all. The surrounding area is definitely a major draw for anyone visiting and as mentioned before, the sheer number of activities, both for adults and families with kids, will never leave you bored and always have you wishing for more. But what makes is one of the best family hotels in Slovenia is our in-house offer. The family hotel offers in Slovenia are generally great, but what makes us unique is the fact that we also offer services like yoga classes, Ayurveda treatments, we offer homemade organic chocolate with taste combinations unique to only us and even a gallery with paintings given to us by artist visiting our hotel once a year for an art colony. The reasons why you should visit our hotel are many. So next time you’re thinking about visiting Slovenia with your brood and are looking for a family fun hotel, think of us. One of the best family hotels in Slovenia eagerly awaits your arrival!

Hotel Kristal | Best family hotel in Slovenia as thought by many