Ayurveda wellness retreat in Slovenia

Ayurveda wellness can be made up of several aspects, depending on what you wish to focus on. You can enjoy mellower aspects of Ayurveda wellness, like pleasant massages, yoga sessions and meditation. Or you can decide for a more rigorous Ayurveda therapy, opting for one of our ayurvedic Panchakarma programs. No matter the choice, our Ayurveda wellness staff will make sure to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Therapy Ayurveda

Our Ayurveda wellness department offers a variety of Ayurveda therapies, that will help strengthen your body and soul, and bring balance to your whole being. For body blockades, therapeutic massages, whether part of a Panchakarma ayurvedic treatment or stand-alone, will focus on whatever pain or discomfort you’re feeling and gently try to get rid of it. Ayurveda wellness is not just about freeing the body, though. When it comes to mental blocks, yoga and meditation sessions with our highly-qualified and educated instructors will try to do the same on a spiritual and emotional level.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma with specialist Ayurveda doctor

Therapy AyurvedaCleansing the body of toxins is as much part of Ayurveda wellness as pleasant massages. Our ayurvedic Panchakarma programs, designed and guided by world renowned Ayurveda doctor Dimitrij Szkopincev, allow you to receive a full Ayurveda therapy in a seven- or fourteen-day package. Go through all five stages of traditional Panchakarma ayurvedic treatment under the watchful eye of our specialists and become revitalized and rebalanced in body, soul, mind and heart. You being will become open again, allowing happiness and love to stream in, as well as enabling you to give all these gift back unto the world around you. Once your Ayurveda wellness retreat and therapy in Ayurveda is complete, you will feel like a new person, emotionally, spiritually and bodily.

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