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Ayurveda treatment - treating everything from diabetes to thyroid disease

Ayurveda treatment is the traditional Indian medicine, which is nowadays used as complementary or alternative medicine in most Western countries. Ayurveda treatment is a system of practices that covers all aspects of human life.

Ayurveda treatments at Hotel KristalHow ayurveda treatment works

Ayurwedic therapy affects the human body in five important ways:

  • it detoxifies and cleans the body,
  • boosts the immune system,
  • helps cope with stress,
  • slows down aging processes,
  • and renews the levels of energy.

Ayurveda treatment is all-natural and non-invasive. It helps us regain strength and overcome practically any disease.

Diabetes treatment in ayurveda - does it really work?

Diabetes mellitus is a common disease related to the modern way of living that can significantly diminish the quality of life. Allopathic treatments can have serious side effects and are not really treating the disease. Diabetes treatment in ayurveda is more wholesome and completely natural.

Diabetes treatment in ayurveda consists of:

  • diet management and planning,
  • regular exercise,
  • weight restriction or reduction,
  • sleep management,
  • evasion of bad habits
  • and stress reduction.

Diabetes treatment in ayurveda involves meal planning, avoiding sugar and alcohol, staying fit, no smoking, no sleeping during the day, and yoga. Hotel Kristal offers ayurveda treatments that can help you battle your diabetes in a healthier way.

Thyroid treatment in ayurveda - how can it help?

Thyroid dysfunction can be a very disruptive condition, since it severely affects the patients’ well-being and how they function in everyday life. Thyroid treatment in ayurveda can lead to a complete recovery, but requires a change in lifestyle that caused the disease in the first place.

Thyroid treatment in ayurveda involves:

  • a change in diet,
  • taking specific herbs,
  • doing yoga,
  • and doing breathing exercises (Pranayama).

Thyroid treatment in ayurveda is a cure, not just a treatment. If you have thyroid problems, we recommend you ayurvedic therapy. Ayurveda treatment in Hotel Kristal is especially recommended for children and the elderly, and anyone wishing to avoid allopathic medicine.

As you can see, diabetes treatment in ayurveda as well as thyroid treatment in ayurveda include a change in lifestyle, but exclude any use of drugs and aggressive therapy. Ayurveda treatment is, in its core, actually a life philosophy - and the world is your ayurveda hospital.