Accommodation in Slovenia for your hiking holidays

One of the big draws of Slovenia are the Alps, specifically the Julian, Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karawanks. It is no surprise that a good amount of the accommodation in Slovenia is used by tourists going on hiking holidays in Slovenia.

Hiking in Slovenia - will it be Stol, Grintovec or Triglav?

Hiking in SloveniaWhen choosing your accommodation in Slovenia, keep in mind that while you can reach any part of the country in a few hours by car, when it comes to hiking in Slovenia it does seem more prudent to stay somewhere close to the actual mountains. There is an almost uncountable amount of paths one can take to reach the mountain tops, all depending on the difficulty.
For easier hiking holidays we suggest exploring the paths on the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, as they tend to be scalable even for the younger or less-experienced. The Karawanks offer a step up in terms of complexity, but the mountain regarded with the most prestige until this day still remains Mount Triglav, the highest mountain of the Julian Alps and the highest point one can reach hiking in Slovenia. As luck would have it, the family business Hotel Kristal offers accommodation in Slovenia, which is very close to all three of these mountain ranges.

Hiking holidays and relaxation

When it comes to hiking in Slovenia, it can become quite strenuous, and while it is a welcome burn for a few days, after one needs to relax and recuperate, lest the effort becomes too much. Our Hotel Kristal, with its accommodation in Slovenia, offers you wonderful hiking holidays in the Alps, as well as Ayurveda treatments, like massages, for when you return from the mountaintops. We will take care of your body and soul, and jump-start its innate self-healing ability. Picking our hotel as you accommodation in Slovenia will allow you to take full advantage of our in-house Ayurveda spa and hospital between hikes.

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