Wooden parquet flooring as your best choice

Wooden parquet flooring is truly amazing. It’s beautiful, luxurious and always stylish. Among other advantages of parquet flooring we can count it’s long life-span; and by long, we really mean long! We can resand and apply new finish to our wooden parquet flooring several times and thus prolong it’s beauty for several decades. In the continuation we will explain types of wooden parquet flooring and - for those who are into DIY projects - a little bit something about how to install parquet wood flooring.

Wooden parquet flooring
Types of wooden parquet flooring

So what is parquet wood flooring? In the simplest sense it’s made from wooden tiles, but when it comes to wooden parquet flooring we distinguish firstly between real and engineered wood flooring parquet. The latter is real too, of course, but instead of being made from wooden planks, with the engineered wood flooring parquet we use thin wooden stripes which we glue to the plywood.

We also distinguish between unfinished parquet wood flooring and prefinished wooden parquet flooring with oil or lacquer already applied. When it comes to wood species, the possibilities are almost limitless. At Floor Experts, for example, we offer oak, ash, larch and cherry wooden parquet flooring, pine, spruce, bamboo, jatoba, kayu kuku wooden parquet flooring and many others.

How to install parquet wood flooringHow to install parquet wood flooring at home

How to install parquet wood flooring at home has no brief answer. In this short article we can only say, that we need to consider several options:

  • how to install parquet wood flooring over plywood (the simplest version),
  • how to install parquet wood flooring over wooden floor,
  • how to install parquet wood flooring concrete or tiles.

Each subfloor requires different preparation, which can’t be left out. For detailed explanation on the installation of parquet flooring, we invite you to contact Floor Experts or read some other article, where we discuss this topic in more detail.