Oak wood veneer floor - warmth and luxury

Wood veneer flooring is a recent innovation that combines the benefits of both classic hardwood and laminate. Typically, veneer wooden flooring uses a thin layer of wood that's placed over a core, which is usually a composite wood product. Some of the benefits of oak wood veneer floor include:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Radiates warmth and luxury
  • Unique patterns and rich colour combinations
  • Three-dimensional effects
  • Natural looks

oak veneer floor

Large collection of beautiful oak wood veneer floor

At Floor Experts, a growing international flooring provider, we offer you a collection of wood veneer flooring. Due to the fact that our collections vary in style and pricing, we are able to offer a perfect veneer laminate flooring for everyone! Whether you’re looking for light, desert tones of wood veneer floor or dark chocolate tones, we have something that will fulfil all your wishes! Our collections offer the optimal price to quality ratio and are ultra-strong.


Oak wood veneer floor - your fashionable and practical choice

Our veneer wooden flooring in oak colour is a timeless choice that will remain looking elegant and modern for decades. Whether you’re building your new home or renovating an existing one, choosing oak veneer laminate floor is an affordable way of adding a piece of spectacular furniture. Some of its advantages over other types of flooring include:

  • Lower, more affordable starting prices
  • Easy cleaning and almost no maintenance required
  • Very simple, quick and mess-free installation
  • Suitable for intensive use

If you’re still looking for alternative options, we’ve got that covered as well! Part of our wide range of flooring are also several different types of parquet, including cork parquet flooring and linoleum parquet flooring. Visit our website to find out more about our mission and the wide collection of flooring for all types of homes.

oak wood veneer floor