Wood flooring - Parquet: Care and maintenance

Caring for parquet wood flooring
needs some extra attention and probably you are aware of that if you had ever owned a wood flooring. Parquet needs to be properly installed, both floating parquet wood flooring or glued one, and properly maintained and cared for. And some extra tips on how to clean parquet flooring and how to maintain parquet flooring will make a difference for sure. Like how to avoid damaging the wood flooring. Parquet and sand surely do not go together at all, because sand can cause severe scratches. Water also is not a good friend of wood flooring. Parquet absorbs the water, that is why it is best not to clean your parquet with soaked cloth or use the water vacuum cleaners. Coffee and red wine are also threatening to cause permanent stains on wood flooring. Parquet cleaning and maintenance tips can be found on our webpage, also for lacquered or oiled wood flooring. Parquet is cleaned differently if oiled or lacquered. For all the information about caring for parquet wood flooring visit our website or give us a call and we will gladly help you.

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Caring for parquet wood flooring to stay as beautiful as the first day

It is good to know how to clean parquet flooring and how to maintain parquet flooring. When you are caring for parquet wood flooring, you expand its lifetime and add to the fact that it is a very durable and lasting wood flooring. Parquet deserves to be cared for, and it does not make a difference if you have floating parquet wood flooring or glued one. Caring for parquet wood flooring is not so easy, but it can be easily learned. Make you parquet as beautiful as the first day with the right care and maintenance. Become one of us, who care about our wood flooring. Parquet in your home is the best choice, even if it needs some extra care.


Parquet wood flooring - Sanding, coloring, lacquering, oiling

When we do not take care of our parquet, the surface gets damaged and we need to renew it by sanding parquet wood flooring, coloring, lacquering or oiling parquet flooring to its renewed look. First, take care of sanding parquet flooring, then decide on the color and if you want your surface to be lacquered or oiled. Repairing parquet is easy, but if you do not have the proper tools, call the experts. If you own wooden floors, parquet flooring cleaning and maintaining tips are at your disposal on our website Floor Experts. Take your time to look at our amazing collections of wood flooring. Parquet is a bit more demanding, so read all you need to know about caring for parquet wood flooring.

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Wood flooring - Unfinished parquet or damaged parquet

Do you have damaged or unfinished parquet wood flooring? Would you like to know how to maintain parquet flooring, how to repair it, and renew it if it gets damaged in any way? If you are searching for experts you have come to the right place, but if you had decided to do it yourself, then renew your unfinished parquet wood flooring with proper sanding. Parquet wood flooring tips on renewing and caring for parquet wood flooring come in handy to all those who plan on buying a wood flooring. Parquet whether damaged or unfinished can be easily taken care of.