What is laminate flooring? The features of floating wood tiles

What is laminate flooring is one of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners deciding on new flooring. Laminate flooring is synthetic flooring that looks and feels a lot like traditionalsolid oak hardwood flooring. And what is a laminate floor made of? The general composition of laminate flooring, or floating wood tiles as it is also frequently called, is made of three plywood-like layers, the base layer, a thick middle wooden composite layer and the top decorative layer, which can also in some cases be made of several different layers. The individual layers are fused together through a process called lamination.

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The advantages of laminate flooring

The absolute advantage of laminate flooring is its easy installation. Laminate is a handyman’s dream come true. Installation is so simple that many homeowners decide to do it themselves and save a ton of money on flooring installation costs. It can be either click-locked into place, without the use of an adhesive, or glued together, which can be a bit more costly than the first option and also prevents disassembly for a second installation at a later time. After installation, laminate floors do not need to be varnished, as they come pre-varnished, which is also a tight-budget friendly fact. Laminate flooringis also extremely durable and robust, and will, with proper care, beautify your home for decades to come.The life of laminate flooringcan be similar to that of traditional solid oak hardwood flooring, but with less maintenance (no sanding and varnishing), because of its higher durability.

What is laminate flooring

Laminate for life

If you decide on laminate flooring, you should definitely choose a trusted manufacturer, since the difference in quality can mean not only a noticeable difference in appearance but also in the life of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring that looks like real wood Krono is made by the leading company in the world that produces high-quality parquet laminate flooring tiles with a 20 - 30-year guarantee. If you choose right, you will have chosen laminate for life, since it will last long enough for future generations to appreciate its beauty, endurance, and simple maintenance. Laminate flooring Krono consists of up to 90 percent wood and is available in many different designs and colours that fit your needs and taste.