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What is parquet flooring - the definition

What is parquet flooring? In brief it’s flooring made from wooden tiles, which are installed over a concrete, vinyl, ceramic, metal, plywood, cork or other subfloor to provide more stability and comfort. In the past years real wood got a competition ¬- engineered wood flooring parquet, which is made from individual wooden streaks glued and pressed to plywood. When it comes to the question what is parquet flooring, they are both real parquets, each with its own advantages. Installing parquet flooring is not a simple as, for example, installing laminate, so we recommend hiring a professional, who will guarantee a good end result and has mastered several parquet flooring designs, too.

what is parquet flooring - styles and ideas installing parquet flooring designs

What is parquet flooring - the history

So, what is parquet flooring from the historical point of view? The first mention of what parquet flooring is can be found in the 16th Century and is associated with French aristocracy, castles and mansions like Versailles and Grand Trianon. About a century later Thomas Jefferson brought it to United States, where the parquet as well as the parquet flooring designs started to flourish and develop.


Installing parquet flooring was very popular because it substituted ceramics, which was cold and uncomfortable as well as less durable. So when we’re trying to answer the question what is parquet flooring, we must agree that it’s the best natural flooring, which offers extreme comfort and reliability.

Original parquet flooring designs

The traditional parquet flooring designs included geometrical shapes (squares, triangles) and even suns and moons, which were pressed to the floor. The classical parquet flooring designs include herringbone and some more artistic options like Chantilly, Chantreuse, D’Aremberg, Monticello, Soubise, Fountainbleu and Gaujacq.
The traditional patterns inspire parquet flooring ideas even today. We can use the old masterpieces to create an outstanding and modern parquet style flooring and draw our inspiration from the 16th century parquetry experts, who really knew what parquet flooring is, because it was literary created by their skilled hands.