Wooden parquet flooring - upgrade your home

Wooden parquet flooring is a simple and stylish way to upgrade your home and give it a new, fresh look. There are many advantages of parquet flooring - it’s reliable, durable and luxurious, and one of its more desirable features is its versatility. After a couple of years you can renew your wooden parquet flooring and breathe it a new life, and even if you change your furniture, there is a high chance your wooden parquet flooring will agree with your choice and effortlessly blend in with the new décor.

Walnut parquet flooring priceWalnut parquet flooring and other choices

There are numerous choices available for you. At Floor Experts we offer an extensive collection of beautiful wooden parquet floorings for every taste. You can choose real parquet wooden flooring or engineered wood flooring parquet, whereas the latter is made from the individual wooden streaks glued to the plywood. Furthermore you can choose among many different colours and wood species, e. g. oak, bamboo, beech, cherry, walnut parquet flooring, ebony, maple, ash, larch, teak, spruce or pine parquet flooring, as well as some interesting options, like iroko, jatoba, kayu kuku, robinia, sucupira, wenge etc. Which one you’ll choose depends on your preferences, the colour you want, where you’ll install parquet flooring and other factors.

Wooden parquet flooring priceMesmerizing walnut parquet flooring

Walnut parquet flooring is stunningly beautiful wooden parquet flooring, which stands out from the crowd due to its mesmerizing dark colour and high quality. You can install walnut parquet flooring if you opt for rustic interior or if you want to create an eye-catching contrast with white walls. This wooden parquet flooring is perfect if you want sophisticated look combined with extreme toughness and stability. If dark walnut parquet flooring is not your desired choice, you can pick pine parquet flooring or other lighter option. For more information or help you can contact professionals at Floor Experts.