Wood parquet flooring - appeal and styling

Wood parquet flooring is definitely among the best choices you can make regarding your flooring. Parquet hardwood floors are namely stunningly beautiful and their charm is timeless. You can style wood parquet flooring however you like, since there are no limits to versatility, when it comes to parquet. Modern, simple and minimalistic, warm and cosy, rustic, cold and industrial or the explosion of colours - if choosing the appropriate type of parquet flooring anything above mentioned and more is possible.

Other benefits of wood parquet flooring

wood parquet flooring suppliersWood parquet flooring is not just eternally beautiful and stylish, but also more durable than other floorings. It literary lasts for decades, with proper care even generations. And how to take care of parquet flooring? Easily! Wood parquet flooring ideally only requires daily sweeping or dusting, weekly vacuuming and monthly mopping (be careful not to use general cleaners, which can damage the surface). Besides that, we recommend parquet flooring polishing every two or three months.Wood parquet flooring is extremely durable, also because you can refurbish it in a couple of years (if you’d like to know more about how to treat parquet flooring, you can contact Floor Experts).

Types of parquet flooring at Floor Experts

types of parquet flooringAt Floor Experts we offer several types of parquet flooring, but they are all products of the best parquet flooring suppliers in the world. Regarding the wood species, we offer numerous types of parquet flooring (bamboo, beech, ash, larch, maple, cherry, pine, spruce, oak, iroko, jatoba, walnut etc.) and almost endless array of colours and shades. When it comes to other characteristics, you can choose among other types of parquet flooring: thick or thin parquet flooring, real solid wood or engineered parquet, wood parquet flooring suitable for underfloor heating system, oiled or lacquered surface etc. For more information on different wood parquet floorings, parquet flooring suppliers or how to take care of parquet flooring, please contact our friendly and professional team.