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Types of laminate flooring regarding different characteristics

Types of laminate flooring can be differentiated according to several characteristics, among them also the following:

  • laminate flooring tiles regarding the pressure: we distinguish between high-pressure laminate (HPL, where the decorative surface is applied by high pressure) and low-pressure laminate (LPL, where the decorative surface is first soaked in melamine resin and then bonded with the fiberboard),
  • types of laminate flooring according to the thickness: standard laminate flooring tiles are 0,6 to 1,5 thick, while compact laminate starts at 3 mm and the thickest laminate flooring is 30 mm.


Types of laminate flooring according to the usage and method

According to the usage, we distinguish between:

  • decorative types of laminate flooring, most common in homes, and
  • industrial laminate flooring tiles with higher strength, resistance to abrasions and better durability of laminate flooring in general.

Laminate can be glued down, but in the recent years, the trend has moved toward floating types of laminate flooring, because they enable quicker and easier installation, while the individual tile can also be replaced if necessary.

Laminate flooring tiles according to pattern and surface

Laminate flooring tiles can mimic anything, but most commonly a perfect illusion of some other natural material is created. Types of laminate flooring mostly mimic stone, marble or wood (cherry, pine, spruce, maple, oak, acacia, ash, beech, jatoba, larch, teak and many other). The pattern of the laminate flooring tiles can be solid or multicoloured and the surface can be glossy and smooth or textured and distressed.

different types of laminate flooringtypes of laminate flooring

Other possible types of laminate flooring

Types of laminate flooring don’t end here. Most of the above mentioned satisfy the homeowners, but occasionally we expect or need even more form our laminate flooring tiles, not just the good looks and durability of laminate flooring. Some other types of laminate flooring include fire resistant laminate flooring tiles, anti-bacterial tiles, waterproof laminates, outdoor laminates etc. If you’re in doubt which type of laminate flooring would be most appropriate for you, you can contact professionals at Floor Experts.