Rich and attractive selection of top rated laminate wood flooring and parquet wood flooring

Commercial wood laminate flooring is a popular choice these days and has its advantages of other types of flooring like ash wood laminate flooring. The versatile look paired with budget-friendly price and durability has won over many customers who previously preferred more traditional kinds of flooring. Slovenian laminate wood flooring company Floor Experts is a growing provider of top rated laminate wood flooring, as well as other flooring types, including solidwood parquet flooring, veneer, vinyl PVC, cork and more. The company ensures that their products are not just technologically advanced, but also friendly to the environment.

Top rated laminate wood flooring

Slovenian laminate wood flooring company you can trust

The company offers high quality commercial wood laminate flooring at affordable prices in the following collections:

  • Cosmoflooritan: versatile collection of top rated laminate wood flooring. Suitable for a wide range of housing styles including cottages, villas, luxury offices, traditional homes.
  • Life style: premium collection for all those striving for perfection. Also suitable for business premises.
  • Egger LFC: from trendy to classic laminate, suitable for intense exposure, authentic look.
  • Krono Original: Simple to clean, includes stone impressions

For exact prices and other inquires about their flooring feel free to contact You can search through catalogues and watch several video presentations with instructions for installations. This laminate wood flooring company also specializes in laying high quality laminate wood flooring.

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Why choose Floor Experts for your wood flloring partner?

  • Superior quality commercial wood laminate flooring, solid woodparquet flooring and other flooring types at affordable prices.
  • One of the widest selections of flooring, so there is surely a perfect option for every single customer.
  • Laminate wood flooring company’s friendly support service and quality standards warranty.
  • Regular sale offers.

Getting your hands on top rated laminate wood flooring has never been easier and more attractive!

Taking everything into account, Slovenian-based Floor Experts is not just another laminate wood flooring company. It offers plenty of features not available elsewhere as well as friendly and easily approachable customer service.