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Types of best laminate flooringAll types of laminate flooring are installed with floating method

In our sales program, we have many types of laminate flooring. Different types have different characteristics but all types have some things in common. That is an installation with floating method and possibility of use on floors with the underfloor heating system. The biggest difference between various types is in thickness of the laminate flooring. Thickness ranges from 6 to 14 mm. Thickness determines its durability and resilience. Thickness also reveals how many layers certain type of laminate flooringhas. The thickness of top layer determines resistance to abrasion. Thicker the top layer is, stronger and indestructible laminate is.

In humid rooms, it is best to use water resistant type of laminate flooring

The best type of laminate flooring for kitchen and bathroom is water resistant laminate flooring. This type is available in many colours and decors. Kitchens and bathrooms are humid rooms and they require different laminate flooring. Water resistant laminate can be cleaned easily with water and soap. Therefore it is very kind and safe for little children and people with allergies. Water resistant laminate is very strong and long-lasting. It is suitable also for other rooms not just for kitchens and bathrooms. It can be installed on large surfaces without using expansion profiles.

Thickness of laminate flooring Floor ExpertsThickness of different types of laminate flooring is very important regarding durability

Thickest laminate flooring is made of many layers. Because of that it is more stable and gives the feeling of hardwood floors. It is quieter than thin laminate and it is more forgiving with underfloor imperfections. There are different types of thick flooring. Planks are available with or without attached padding, they can have bevel edges and they are different in size. Just because the flooring is thick that doesn`t always mean it is most resilient. Sometimes it happens that thinner types of flooring withstand greater loads. That depends on thickness and material used for top layer.

Difference between hardwood and laminate flooring: