Solid oak hardwood flooring - adding value to your home

Solid oak hardwood flooring is probably the most sought-after flooring material in the real-estate market. Not only do hardwood floors add to your homes market value, they also add to the natural and warm feel of the home.

Solid hardwood floor planks are made of a solid piece of wood (most commonly oak), sawn from a single timber. Because not all wood is the same, it is important to buy from a quality solid wood parquet flooring manufacturer. The installation of hardwood floors is a bit more complex and takes longer than installation ofengineered parquet flooring since the wood needs to acclimate to the house. We recommend you to leave it up to a professional, who will make sure there are no gaps between the planks of wood parquet flooring and minimize the chance of movement.

Solid oak hardwood flooring

What is hand scraped solid hardwood flooring?

Hand scraped solid hardwood flooring is a special type of hardwood flooring that has the appearance of old worn wood. Many homeowners prefer the rustic or reclaimed wood look to the appearance of brand new hardwood floors. Another plus side of hand scraped solid hardwood flooring is that scratches and other damage to the floors are less visible because of the overall warn appearance. But solid wood hand scraped flooring can be quite expensive, since trained craftsmen at the solid wood parquet flooring manufacturer make it by hand. A cheaper option may be factory-produced hand scraped flooring, which is similar in appearance, but not quite the same, since no machine can reproduce the sophisticated patterns that the craftsmen make, using chisels, metal gouges, etc.

Which one to choose?

Solid oak hardwood flooring would be the less costly option between the two, but solid hand scraped hardwood flooring certainly has a special appeal. You would have to wait decades to achieve this type of warn look naturally in regular hardwood floors. Both types of flooring are extremely durable though and will last you a lifetime. An occasional sanding and re-varnishing will make them look like new time and time again.

If you find the price or the hassle of installing solid hardwood floors too much, you could always choose a cheaper option like real wood veneer laminate flooring, which is still real wood, but has all the perks of parquet laminate flooring tiles, such as simple maintenance, scratch resistance and simple installation.