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Real wood veneer laminate flooring - the look of real wood at a lesser cost!

Real wood veneer laminate flooring is a great choice for homeowners on a budget, because it is cheaper than regular solid wood hardwood flooring but gives the authentic look of real wood. Veneer laminate flooring is so easy to install that you can even do it yourself and save even more money. The main difference betweenveneer floor vs laminate is that regular laminate has a top design layer that consists of a printed image, whereas veneer laminate flooring has a top layer made of real wood, a very thin layer of wood that is, that makes the real oakveneer laminate flooring look more like solid wood hardwood flooring than regular laminate.

Durable and strong

Veneer laminate flooring is highly durable, water and impact resistant and therefore stronger than solid parquet. Thanks to seven layers of UV light-cured lacquer, Krono wood flooring is so durable that it has a 20 year guarantee! If you want the look of oak wood parquet, the parquet laminate flooring tiles are a much better alternative, which will save you money and time.

Real oak veneer laminate flooring

The look of real wood

Many customers fear thatreal wood laminate flooring will look unnatural together with their vintage or modern wood furnishings and décor, but actually you can achieve the authentic look of real wood with veneer laminate flooring, because it is real wood! This type of wood flooring has all the benefits of laminate flooring (ease of installation, durability and lower price than solid wood floors), but a much more natural appearance and feel. You can choose from many different colours and materials - like oak wood parquet flooring - and most people won’t even know the difference from regular hardwood floors.

Veneer floor vs. laminate

Homeowners that want the look of real hardwood floors often opt for veneer floors rather than laminate. The installation is just as easy and quick - no drying time needed and it can be walked on immediately after installation. The lifespan can be even longer than with laminate flooring! This type of flooring, although a bit more expensive than regular laminate, also increases the value of your home by almost as much as hardwood floors.