Click laminate flooring - benefits

Click laminate flooring offers several benefits over glue-down method, most obvious being the speed of the quick click laminate flooring and the simplicity of easy click laminate flooring installation method. Furthermore, if we for any reason (damage from scratches or moisture) have to change just one tile, we can do that very easily. We just take apart the click together laminate flooring, replace the damaged tile and click to click laminate flooring back together.

quick click laminate flooringPreparation for installing click together laminate flooring

If we deiced to install click laminate flooring ourselves, we need to prepare the subfloor first. We level the floor, remove big bumps, cracks or holes and clean the area well. Before installing click together laminate flooring, we plan the layout and install the underlayment for laminate flooring - we lay it from wall to wall and close the seams between the sheets.

Quick click laminate flooring - the method

click laminate flooringThe quick click laminate flooring method is really easy. Click laminate flooring is perfect for those who want to install the click laminate flooring themselves. When the underlayment is in place, we lay the first row of the quickclick laminate flooring. We leave a small space between the wall and the first row (this enables the quick click laminate flooring to naturally expand and contract). We stack together the individual tiles of click laminate flooring by placing them close to the first one in an angle (45 degrees), then we gently press it down and lock it in place. When we finish the first row of the click laminate flooring, we move to the next one. Quick click laminate flooring is not installed with pressure - we just gently stack the tiles together and the ingenious system of easy click laminate flooring will do the rest.