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Prefinished wooden parquet flooring is the most practical choice for parquet

Prefinished wooden parquet flooring is a popular choice because of its practicality. Since this parquet block flooring comes prefinished, no additional varnishing is needed upon installation. This shortens the usual installation time and makes your space usable in shorter time than with regular parquet block flooring.

Why should you choose prefinished parquet flooring?

Today, many different types of parquet flooring are available, including different woods and colors. But the newest innovation in wooden parquet flooring is prefinished parquet flooring. The main advantage is the fact that most of the work, what is usually done upon installation, has already been done in the manufacturing of the boards, such as sealing, protecting and strengthening. The installation of prefinished parquet flooring is, therefore, simpler, quicker and much more pleasant. No additional varnishing means no additional drying time, no unpleasant smell and no toxic fumes, regardless of the woodparquet flooring size. Prefinished parquet flooring is as friendly to the modern family lifestyle as possible.

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Where to get prefinished parquet flooring: sales and special offers

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Why Floor Experts is the right choice for you

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