Parquet wooden flooring according to wood species

Parquet wooden flooring ideasParquet wooden flooring is always beautiful, stylish, comfortable, luxurious and inspires endless parquet flooring ideas. When it comes to versatility and types, we’re not only talking about parquet flooring colours, but also about wood species. At Floor Experts we offer an extensive collection of different parquet wooden floorings from parquet oak flooring, ash, maple, cherry, walnut, beech, iroko, jatoba, bamboo to pine parquet flooring and many others. It would be impossible to say, which parquet wooden flooring is best and they can all undergo parquet flooring treatment for renewal, but they do have different characteristics, which correspond to different needs and wishes. We’ll present some of the most common parquet wooden floorings, which are oak, maple, charry, pine parquet flooring and some others.

Hardwood parquet wooden flooring

Hardwoods are all angiosperms, which means flowering plants. They usually have broad leaves and grow slower than softwoods. They are dense, hard and heavy. A lot of different parquet wooden floorings are made from hardwood, e. g. oak parquet wooden flooring, ash, maple, larch, beech, cherry parquet wooden flooring and others. Oak is very strong and comes in a variety of colours which deepen and gain more character with passing time. Maple parquet wooden flooring is extremely hard and beautifies your home with fine texture and grain. Cherry parquet wooden flooring does not warp and has a beautiful warm colour, ranging from golden brown to dark red. Walnut parquet wooden flooring very strong and resilient but, maybe surprisingly, also very light in weight.

Pine parquet flooring ideasLight pine parquet flooring

Pine parquet flooring belongs to softwoods - gymnosperm trees, e. g. conifers. It is resilient and durable, light and very resistant to shrinking and swelling. It’s also strong and shock resistant, which makes pine wood a good choice for parquet wooden flooring. The colour is another amazing feature of pine parquet flooring. The golden yellow colour stirs up many unique parquet flooring ideas and can brighten up any room.

If you decide for a reliable parquet flooring supplier, such a Floor Experts, the choice for parquet flooring colours precedes the choice for wood species, because we only strive for the best and offer quality, which will be exhibited in all its splendour for decades. All our products are of a superb class and are offered with confidence, that you won’t regret your decision. If you’d like to know more about pine parquet flooring or other parquet wooden flooring types, feel free to ask us any time.