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Parquet wooden flooring is traditionally to add value to your home

polish parquet wood flooringParquet wooden flooring is the classic and elegant choice for any home. Since it's made of real wood, solid wood parquet flooring has a natural appeal. Anyone can find their perfect wood parquet flooring among the variety of choices in our sales program: from cool and peaceful, to warm and playful, light and cheerful or dark and bold, modern or rustic... We offer more than 480 choices of parquet wooden flooring, among which you are sure to find the perfect match for your style and taste.

Parquet wooden flooring transforms the appearance of any room

difference between parquet and hardwood flooringParquet wooden flooring offers a variety of installment choices that dramatically transform the appearance of any room. May it be the herringbone or chevron pattern, hexagon, basketweave, or the simple black pattern, the choice with wood parquet flooring is almost endless. If you are looking for lasting and impressionable flooring, then solid wood parquet is the choice for you. We offer more than 480 choices of wood parquet flooring, among which you will for sure find also different quality polish parquet wood flooring.


Hardwood flooring parquet of your dreams is also available

However, we also offer hardwood flooring parquet. Of course, there is a difference between parquet and hardwood flooring, but the beautiful tones of hardwood flooring catch the eye and offer many advantages. Our outstanding hardwood flooring parquet offers an optimal ratio of price-to-quality. Whether you’re looking for dark wood parquet flooring or very light and subtle variations, we have it covered! There are dozens of parquet wood flooring tiles available to choose from in order to grant the wishes of even the most demanding customers. If you are on a mission to find hardwood flooring parquet of your dreams, then Floor Experts might just be the place for you. All our hardwood flooring parquet undergoes an extensive series of quality tests before leaving the production site. We make sure that every single tile complies with the strictest European regulations on health and safety of solid wood parquet flooring.