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Wood parquet flooring - definition

Wood parquet flooring is perfect for most people, homes and offices, therefore it’s no surprise, it falls into the category of most popular choices. Even though there are other possibilities on the market, real wood parquet flooring still occupies one of the most important places among floorings. We’ll explain what is parquet wood flooring, what are its benefits, and will also discuss the topic of caring for parquet wood flooring.¸


Wood parquet flooring is made from real wood, which is cut into individual planks and treated as necessary. The material for wood parquet flooring can come from many different wood species. At Floor Experts, for example, you can choose among oak, walnut, ash, maple, cherry, beech, pine, spruce, jatoba, iroko, kayu kuku, wenge parquet solid wood flooring and many others in numerous mesmerizingly beautiful colours.

solid wood parquet flooring

Wood parquet flooring advantages

Simple caring for parquet wood flooring is only one advantage, we need to mention, when we talk about parquet solid wood flooring. Besides, customers are mostly persuaded by its longevity. Wood parquet flooring will namely last for decades or a lifetime, if you direct some minimal energy into caring for parquet wood flooring. Another advantage is the natural material - wood - which immediately makes any home more comfortable and pleasant. Homes with parquet/solid wood flooring feel warmer, healthier and even sell better. When discussing benefits, we cannot ignore another wood parquet flooring’s characteristic - beauty. It still is one of the most enchanting and luxurious options, which promises timeless beauty and everlasting charm.

Simple caring for parquet wood flooring

Wood parquet flooring will be a hassle-free choice, when it comes to caring for parquet wood flooring, especially if you choose the colour, texture and grain which seemingly blend in with the dust and dirt. Cleaning parquet flooring is easy and includes:

caring for parquet wood flooring with polish