Parquet hardwood flooring - the choice of a lifetime

Parquet hardwood flooring is not without a reason one of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring options, what’s more, it also offers benefits, which will simplify your life. In the following article, we’ll explain some of the reasons, why you should choose parquet hardwood flooring and also talk about how to treat parquet flooring.

Parquet hardwood flooring sizesBenefits of parquet hardwood flooring

Let’s start with the appearance. Parquet hardwood flooring is without a doubt one of the most chick and luxurious flooring options on the market. If you pick a reliable and renown seller (such as Floor Experts), you’ll be able to choose among many different parquet flooring sizes, colours, wood species and thicknesses of parquet flooring. The vast selection will surely offer a choice, which is uniquely perfect just for your home. Another advantage is it’s natural feel. Parquet hardwood flooring is made of real wood, and that certainly makes a difference when you walk over it. It’s warm, hard and sturdy, but still feels kind of soft underfoot. Parquet hardwood flooring is also extremely durable. If you hire an expert, who will install parquet flooring properly and if you know how to treat parquet flooring, it will last you decades, even a lifetime. Parquet hardwood flooring also adds value to your home, offers numerous pattern and styling options, is more hygienic than carpets and facilitates cleaning.

How to treat parquet flooring Floor Experts

How to treat parquet flooring properly?

If you want your choice to really be durable, you need to know how to treat parquet flooring. Caring for it is simple, but still requires some attention. First, make sure to protect your new parquet hardwood flooring from moisture and physical damage, by placing carpets and furniture pads under your tables, chairs, drawers etc. Also, don’t drag the furniture over your floor, because it might leave scratches. After that the answer to how to treat parquet flooring gets very simple: you only need to sweep or hover it regularly, mop occasionally (use damp mop and non-aggressive cleaners) and polish it whenever you think it’s lost its shine.