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How to lay parquet flooring alone

How to lay parquet flooring is a question a lot of new wooden parquet flooring owners wonder about. The short answer would be - it’s not so easy, but still manageable if we’re handy and skilled. In majority of cases we would recommend a professional, who knows how to lay parquet flooring, for everybody else we’ll briefly describe the process and answer some questions about parquet flooring prices and advantages of parquet flooring.

How to lay parquet flooring ideas
How to lay parquet flooring - step by step process

When we consider how to lay parquet flooring, we need to follow some necessary steps, among them:
1. Preparation: involves cleaning and levelling the foundation, removing bumps, gaps and holes. The foundation must also be completely dry. We can install parquet flooring over plywood, concrete, marble, cork, vinyl, metal or similar subfloor. If we want to reduce the parquet flooring price, we can do these and the following steps ourselves.
2. Plan: when you consider how to lay parquet flooring, we need to start with a clear end result in mind: buy enough tiles, choose the appropriate coloured parquet flooring and decide for a pattern. Also consider how thick is your parquet flooring. Then measure the room and draw a plan.
3. Start laying parquet flooring, when you’re happy with the result, ad adhesive and glue the tiles. The first row will be the key and will guide you further.
4. The next step in how to lay parquet flooring is rolling and levelling. If the tiles are not prefinished, we also sand them and apply oil or lacquer.

Parquet flooring price Floor ExpertsParquet flooring price and other advantages

Parquet flooring price might seem high, but just at a first glance. When we consider some of the advantages of parquet flooring (durability, toughness, comfort, temperature regulation, beauty etc.), the price of parquet flooring significantly decreases. Parquet will with some care stay with you forever and will always surprise you with its luxurious and fresh look.
If you want to know more about how to lay parquet flooring or parquet flooring price, professionals at Floor Experts are at your disposal.