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wooden parquet flooringCleaning parquet flooring is easy

Cleaning parquet flooring is really simple and includes dry parquet flooring cleaning and wet wood flooring/parquet cleaning. If you want to preserve your parquet for decades, it’s best to protect it from moisture and scratches or holes (made by furniture) and stick to regular cleaning routine. We recommend sweeping or hovering daily (or as often as you’re used to) and mopping weekly. Occasionally you can also decide for parquet flooring polishing, and when it loses its shine or you start to see scratches, there is a possibility of multiple parquet flooring treatments, which will completely renew your floor.

Homemade solution for cleaning parquet flooring

When cleaning your parquet flooring with a mop, do not use too much water (damp mop will do) and aggressive cleaners. There is a wide selection of commercial wood flooring/parquet cleaners, but you can also make it yourself. For one of the recipes, you’ll only need vinegar and water.

If you want to clean your parquet flooring naturally, mix:

  • 3,5 litres of water and
  • ½ cup of white vinegar.

Soak your mop in the mixture, squeeze out all the excessive water and wash your wood flooring - parquet. When properly diluted, vinegar is perfect for cleaning parquet flooring - it does not damage it, but only helps you cut the grease and grime, and leaves no marks. Additionally, vinegar will bring out the shine of your parquet wood flooring. For better scent you can also add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil into the mixture for cleaning parquet flooring.


Other wood flooring parquet advantages and characteristics

There are many advantages of parquet floorings and we wrote about them extensively in our previous articles, but let us just mention: a wide variety of products, when it comes to wood species, colours, textures and parquet flooring dimensions, numerous parquet wood flooring patterns, natural material for comfort, reliability, extreme durability and, of course, simple cleaning of parquet flooring.

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