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Parquet wooden flooring can have oiled or lacquered surface finish

Parquet wooden flooring is the best choice for your home if you want to have long lasting floors which look stunning. Parquet flooring is available in different design which create many beautiful appearances for your home. We offer many parquet flooring designs in different colours, wood species, surface textures and surface finishes. Parquet wooden flooring in dark and medium colours is perfect to create traditional look of your home. Light colours of parquet wooden flooring are suitable for creating modern look of your home. Dark flooring can be installed in big rooms with lots of natural or artificial light and light parquet wooden flooring looks best in small rooms with insufficient lighting. In our assortment we have many wood species of parquet wooden flooring. Most common choice among wood species is oak, other decors like maple, walnut, pine, teak, bamboo, wenge are becoming very popular. Oak is the hardest and strongest wood therefore is first choice of our clients. Our parquet wooden flooring can have sanded, brushed, hand scraped or sawn surface textures. Hand scraped and sawn textures of parquet flooring are excellent to create rustic look of rooms. All other textures can be used to achieve traditional and modern look of your home.


Cleaning of parquet wooden flooring has to be done with special cleansers

When cleaning parquet flooring you have to follow some basic rules. Cleaning of lacquered parquet wooden flooring begins with vacuuming to remove dust and other dirt particles which can cause scratches and dents. After installation, lacquered parquet wooden flooring is cleaned with special parquet cleanser which contains lacquer to create protective layer. It is advisable to use this special cleanser 1 - 2 times a year to restore the lacquer and to cover up small scratches. Parquet surface treatment is sanding and lacquering of parquet wooden flooring and is done once every decade. If damage like fluid spills or big scratches occur, you have to make complete renovation for beautiful look of your parquet wooden flooring. Everyday cleaning is done with vacuum cleaner and damp cloth.

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When choosing new parquet wooden flooring you have to consider many factors

If you have oiled parquet wooden flooring, you have to clean it with special cleaning agent after installation to provide proper protection. Cleaner has to be diluted in water and applied to parquet wooden flooring with damp cloth. Two buckets have to be used, one with clean water and one with cleanser. First you rinse the cloth in clean water and then dip it in diluted cleanser. Never clean the surface with cloth dipped in clean water after you have applied cleanser so you don't rinse of protective layer. After few minutes wipe the cleanser in a direction of wood pattern. This cleaning has to be done at least once a month and parquet wooden surface will be less vulnerable to any kind of dirt. For oiled parquet wooden flooring, maintenance oil has to be periodically applied. Before applying oil, floors have to be completely clean which is done with intensive cleaner. Then you apply oil manually or with polishing machine. If the surface of parquet wooden flooring is not well impregnated, repeat the procedure. After one hour you have to polish parquet flooring until it is dry.

Parquet wooden flooring can last very long time with proper care

There are many advantages of parquet flooring. It is a big investment but with proper care it can last for very long time even up to 100 years. Big advantage of wooden parquet flooring is also value which it adds to your home. With tiles in different colours many stunning patterns can be designed. More complexed patterns add higher value to your home. Parquet wooden flooring adapts to room temperatures. Parquet wooden flooring is warm in winter and cool in summer.