Modern parquet flooring for any urban or suburban home

Modern parquet wood flooring is traditional wooden parquet flooring with a modern spin. Parquet wood flooring is a popular choice among homeowners because of its high-quality, durability and comfort, but most modern homeowners think that modern furnishings and something as traditional as parquet doesn't mix. Here’s where they’re wrong.

modern parquet flooring

Parquet wood flooring in a new light

When you think of wooden parquet flooring, you picture the classic herringbone parquet flooring tiles in a classic oak color. But parquet can also be modern. Parquet flooring in general means hardwood flooring made from one solid block or tile of wood - anything from classic oak, sturdy beech, walnut or the increasingly popular bamboo. The color choices also vary from extremely light parquet flooring to completely black and everything in between. Modern parquet flooring lets you unleash your imagination and design your perfect space.


Modern parquet wood flooring in all shades of the rainbow

The color choices with parquet wood flooringare endless: dark, medium and light parquet flooring in all imaginable colors, from gray to red, brown and even black. Among these, you can surely find one which suits your modern furnishings, plays well with the lighting and complements your wall colors.

Popular patterns with modern parquet flooring

parquet wooden flooringYou can stick with the classic brick pattern, but you can also be a little more daring and play with the laying of the blocks. From the classic basket, chevron and herringbone parquet flooring tiles to more complex patterns, such as hexagon, brentwood, chantilly, etc. Floor Experts offers you more than 480 different choices of parquet flooring blocks for sale in different colors, structures, and wood types. You can also choose custom made modern parquet flooring, made specifically to your individual needs. There is also laminate flooring to choose from. Visit Floor Experts to find one of the largest collections of parquet flooring blocks for sale. We would love to help you find your perfect new floor.