Laminate flooring in maple and cherry décor looks very charming

pine laminate flooringWe sell high quality laminate flooring in many colours, decors, surface textures, sizes of tiles and different thicknesses. Maple and cherry laminate flooring are decors which are very attractive and vibrant. Maple laminate flooring from our big collection is high quality product which is suitable for all rooms of your home. Maple decor is very lively and it enhances every room. We offer maple laminate in medium brown colour with beautiful golden nuance. Cherry laminate has very distinguished appearance which is suitable for creating different looks of your home. With cherry décor you can create traditional or contemporary style. Cherry flooring has typical reddish nuance which is immediately recognisable. You can get many stunning laminate flooring ideas if you choose cherry flooring.

Pine laminate flooring looks astonishing in dark and light colours

ash laminate flooringPine laminate flooring is available in dark and light ash colours. Ash laminate flooring is becoming very popular because it is easily combined with all colours of furniture and other décor. Ash flooring in pine décor is gorgeous and eye catching. In can be installed in every room. Light ash laminate looks very good in dark rooms with insufficient lighting. Light ash colour brightens up every room and gives it an elegant and sleek look. Light ash laminate is most multipurpose flooring because of its neutral colour. Dark ash flooring is great for big spacious rooms and for rooms which are bright. It looks especially nice with light coloured walls and light furniture.


Our assortment of laminate flooring decors includes oak, maple, cherry, pine, walnut

We offer more than 450 different types of laminate flooring. Decors like oak, pine, cherry, maple, walnut, exotic wood and many more in dark and light colours and in different surface textures can form countless designing ideas for your home. Visit our salons where you can check the quality of our products.