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Laying of parquet flooring is best done by professionals

Laying parquet flooring can be quite demanding task if you do not have any knowledge or experiences. In that case it is better to leave the job to professionals. Stylish parquet flooring from our assortment can be installed with two methods. Floating method does not require use of glue. First you have to properly prepare subfloor on which stylish flooring will be installed. Underfloor has to be clean, dry and levelled. You have to lay stylish parquet on underlayment which offers great stability, allows parquet to breathe and offers protection against humidity. Laying parquet flooring on underlayment has to be done precisely and with care. Gluing method is traditional way of laying stylish parquet. After preparation of subfloor, glue is applied and parquet is carefully placed on the surface. After glue dries up, flooring has to be sanded and lacquered or oiled. Gluing method demands more knowledge and experiences than floating method and because of that it is best to leave the laying of flooring to professionals.


Parquet flooring has to be cleaned and protected with cleaner right after laying process

After laying parquet with gluing method, it has to be properly cleaned and protected. For lacquered flooring in different styles, you have to use special cleaner with lacquer to make protective layer. This cleaner has to be used at least two times a year. Cleaning product also removes scratches which occur from hart dirt particles or from furniture which has been moved. If considerate damage like massive liquid spills or deep scratches on stylish parquet is done, we recommend complete restoration with sanding and lacquering. It is advisable to renew complete surface so there is no visible difference between restored parts of floors and old parts. Lacquer slowly wears of in years and it is best to renew parquet flooring in different styles before lacquer gets heavily worn.

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Immediately after laying parquet flooring you have to use cleaner to protect its surface

When laying oiled parquet flooring in different styles, you have to clean it immediately after installation. For cleaning you should use cleaner which offers protection to stylish flooring. Cleaning agent is concentrated and it has to be diluted in water. If you are cleaning bigger surfaces, the easiest way is to use two buckets: one bucket with clean water and one bucket with cleanser. First dip cloth in clean water and then dip it in cleaner. Apply the cleaner on flooring and continue the process in same manner. Don't wipe the floors with clean cloth after you applied cleaner. That will remove protective layer from cleaner. After whole surface is covered with cleaner, leave it few minutes to saturate parquet flooring in different styles and wipe it with dry cloth. Periodically you also have to use maintenance oil to thoroughly renew surface finish.


When laying new parquet flooring you can choose among many stunning styles

In our big assortment you can find different styles of parquet flooring. We are parquet flooring specialists and we can advise you which style of parquet flooring would suit your expectations best. You can choose among many colour styles, wood species, surface texture styles, surface finish styles. We have more than 480 variations of stylish parquet flooring. We also have stylish marble parquet flooring which is stunning. When you are choosing colour of parquet flooring, you should consider size of room in which you plan to lay stylish parquet flooring and how much light does the room have. Dark coloured parquet flooring is suitable for laying in big vast rooms with plenty of natural or artificial light. Light coloured parquet flooring is best for laying in small rooms with not enough lighting. Light parquet flooring optically enlarges rooms and makes them feel bigger. Parquet flooring in different styles is also suitable for laying on stairs. Parquet flooring stairs have very grandiose appearance.