Combine style and durability with your laminate wood flooring

Floor Experts offers a wide range of high-quality laminate wood flooring products. Laminate wood flooring products are exported to 40 countries worldwide and with new products offered regularly, we provide customers with the best floor coverings.

Laminate wood flooring colors and types

Laminate flooringOne of the most popular choices is laminate wood flooring with its endless development and possibilities. Laminate wood flooring is best described versatile, functional and durable flooring. The colors of laminate wood flooring offer endless possibilities and there are more than 450 available decors. So you can choose from a variety of laminate wood flooring colors and types such as hand scraped wood laminate flooring, walnut laminate wood flooring and ash wood laminate flooring or whichever color or style best suits your taste. When picking your laminate wood flooring you can choose between light, medium or dark style of laminate wood flooring colors, type of material, decor, heating system, abrasion class, width, lenght, thickness, instalation method and bevel. There are also different types of hand scraped wood laminate flooring, walnut laminate wood flooring and ash wood laminate flooring.

The versatility of laminate wood flooring

Laminate wood flooring is easy and quick to install. It doesnt matter if your in a rush to move or just want to do a fast renovation. Laminate wood flooring is the perfect solution to your problems and needs. And since the laminate wood flooring colors and decors are designed for durability, you can count on it to withstand scratches, impacts and even splitts. You can also choose between three different wear ratings, according to the expected foot trafic. Maintenance of your laminate wood flooring is minimal so we can guarantee that you will have no problems caring for your laminate wood flooring.

Laminated wood