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Foam and rubber are best underlays for laminate flooring

Underlayment for laminate flooringUnderlay for laminate flooring has many functions. Best underlay for laminate flooring works as a water, temperature and sound barrier. It also gives best stability to tiles, levels out small imperfections on underfloor surface and allows flooring to naturally expand and contract. Most commonly used are foam, rubber and cork underlay. Which one is suitable for flooring in your home depends on type of subfloor. Laminate flooring can be laid on concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, linoleum, carpet and on all other surfaces.


Underlay for laminate flooring is the best protection against humidity

Laying laminate flooring underlay is not complicated process but it has to be done precisely. Foam underlayment can easily get damaged during installation process. If damage occurs, underlayment is not water tight any more. If humidity gets to tiles, they start to swell and gaps start to occur. Humidity can cause growth of mold which is not healthy especially for little children. In both cases damage which is caused from humidity can't be repaired, tiles have to be replaced. To avoid this kind of damage we recommend use of best vapor barrier which is placed between underfloor and underlayment.

Laminate flooring underlayment

Best quality underlay for laminate flooring is good water, temperature and sound barrier

Foam underlay for laminate flooring is most popular padding because it is budget friendly and widely available. It is very simple to install but the whole process is very time consuming if it is done according to instructions. Another option is installing flooring with attached padding. Installation is quick and easy and there is almost no chance of damaging the padding. Another underlay which is used a lot is rubber padding. Rubber underlay for laminate flooring is best for use in humid rooms. Rubber is also the best sound and temperature insulator. It is more expensive than foam but it offers better protection than foam.