Types of laminate flooring priceLaminate flooring gives ideas for designing many looks of your home

In our sales program you can find many types of laminate flooring. Because we have such vast assortment, designing ideas are limitless. With different laminate flooring ideas you can create all kinds of looks for your home. Ideas of creating elegant patterns with multiple colours are possible with our products. You can combine small and big tiles in various colours. If you are renovating your home and you do not have any ideas about suitable laminate flooring, we are inviting you to visit our salon. Our advisors will help you decide and maybe give you some stylish ideas for your home. In our salons you can see samples which can give you stunning ideas. Colour, décor, surface texture, thickness and size of planks offer numerous combinations for design ideas.

Many designing ideas are based on colourful laminate flooring

When you want to create certain type of look for a room, you have to carefully choose suitable colour, décor and surface texture of laminate flooring. For rooms with sufficient lighting, you can install many types of dark coloured flooring. For rooms with not sufficient or even no lighting we recommend use of light coloured types of flooring. Different colours of laminate flooring create different impressions of rooms.

Laminate flooring ideas Floor ExpertsLaminate flooring can be used in different kinds of buildings

Thickness of laminate flooring ranges from 7-12 mm. Thinner types of laminate are usually installed in homes. Thicker types are suitable for use in public buildings like schools, museums, libraries where floors have to be more durable and resilient. Thickness of planks doesn`t always mean that thicker type of flooring is toughest and strongest. Durability of planks depends on thickness of top layer. If top layer is made of high quality material and is thick, you get strongest and hard wearing laminate flooring. All types of laminate flooring that we sell are suitable to install on floors with underfloor heating system.