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Water resistant laminate flooring in kitchen - a beginner's guide

When considering various kitchen flooring options less than a decade ago, consumers were advised against the use of laminate flooring in the kitchen. Nonetheless, the rapid development of technology in recent years has brought about a spectrum of durable products, providing your kitchen with water-resistant laminate flooring.

Can laminate flooring be used in the kitchen? - The answer is yes

Among the various kitchen flooring options today, laminateflooring is perhaps the trendiest. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind when purchasing laminate for your kitchen floor:

  • Waterproof laminate is, in fact, a variation of vinyl plank flooring and thus differs from traditional laminate flooring, which is a composite of fibreboard and melamine resin.
  • The optimal flooring option is not the same for every single household - you will need to consider factors such as humidity and insulation before making your final decision, especially so when it comes to laminate for a kitchen floor.
  • There are significant variations in quality and durability of laminate flooring. Consequently, you should be extra careful when choosing laminate compared to traditional hardwood.
  • No matter how high a quality laminate you purchase, if installed incorrectly, you might encounter serious problems with laminate flooring in the kitchen.

Water resistant laminate flooring in kitchen

Laminate flooring in the kitchen - what are the perks?

It's been established that laminate is indeed a possible kitchen flooring option, but what are its biggest advantages?

  • Simple and quick installation
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Vastly lower prices
  • Wax impregnated edges and scratch protection
  • Variety of styles
  • Highly resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria

The answer to the eternal question 'Can laminate flooring be used in a kitchen? is then twofold. The technology behind laminate has advanced drastically over the past couple of years, but consumers should consider appointing professionals to help make the final decision. If you’re looking for one yourself, then contacting the Slovenian-based floor provider Floor Experts is a clever step towards your new flooring. Helped by their team of professionals, you will get trustworthy information on the best laminate for kitchen floor options.