Laminate flooring with a layer of natural cork for quality insulation

Heavy feet and heeled shoes can be a burden when natural wooden floors are desired. Since we started offering laminate flooring with high quality insulation, like cork backing, we found many customers to be satisfied with its results. Our laminate flooring with cork is the go-to option for situations where a minimum level of noise and heat loss is required.

Laminate flooring with cork backing is one of the most versatile options

Especially if a natural look and feel is desired, laminate flooring with cork backing is an excellent choice. Price conscious, yet highly durable and efficient at isolating, cork backed laminate flooring can hardly be a miss. Also, when an underfloor has some imperfections, cork laminate floors can even them out with ease. Cork backed laminate flooring comes in many different styles and shapes at Floor Experts, see our online catalogue or visit one of our many shops and be amazed. We offer cork edging for laminate flooring too, to add a fine touch to the finish of your floor.


Choose laminate flooring with cork backing for durable insulation

Cork is a durable and sustainable option, certainly a green option as the source is renewable of cork laminate flooring. As a tree bark that grows back with ease, cork production has a minimal impact on the environment, and in case of any allergies cork laminate flooring can certainly help as it has antimicrobial qualities. What is better than the safe feeling and no worries when it comes to a member in the family who has allergies? Choosing the right materials can substantially help in preventing symptoms of allergies. Pick matching cork edging for your laminate floor, and the end result will look and feel absolutely stunning.


laminate flooring with cork backinglaminate flooring cork