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Laying laminate flooring is not complicated or time consuming

Before laying laminate flooring, underfloor has to be checked thoroughly. If underfloor has big imperfections, it has to be repaired. Surface has to be levelled and it has to be dry and clean. If laminate will be installed on concrete surface, it is very important that concrete is dry. When surface is suitable for next step, laying of underlayment is done. Laying laminate on clean and dry underlayment insures good stability and long life span. When laying laminate you have to be careful not to damage underlayment. If damage occurs, underlayment won`t function as it should. Underlayment works as a sound, water and temperature barrier. Durability of laminate flooring also depends on quality of underlayment.

Laying laminate flooring Floor Experts
Different types of laminate flooring are suitable for laying in different rooms

In our sales program we have many types of laminate flooring. We offer wide range of colours, decors and surface textures. You can also choose flooring in different thicknesses and sizes of planks. Special type of laminate flooring can be used in humid rooms such as bathroom and kitchen. It can be cleaned with water and soap and because of that it is suitable for babies and people with allergies.

Cleaning laminate wood flooring
Cleaning of laminate flooring is mostly done with vacuum cleaner

Laminate flooring cleaning is very simple. We recommend cleaning with vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. If flooring isn`t cleaned regularly, dirt like small stones can cause scratches and dents. We don`t recommend cleaning with water vacuum cleaner or cleaning with steam mop. If flooring is over exposed to water, it can start to swell and caused damage can be repaired. Even spills of water can cause swelling if water sips into seams between planks. In this case, mould can start to grow and entire flooring has to be replaced. Caring for laminate flooring is minimal but there are still some cleaning rules that have to be followed.