Click lock laminate flooring - the definition

Click lock laminate flooring was a true revolution, when the method was developed, and is still the most commonly used installation type. The biggest revolution of laminate click flooring was dismissing the need for glue. Laminate click lock flooring is also called floating laminate flooring, click refers to the method by which we stack the individual tiles together (click in). Laminate flooring is definitely a great choice for most owners, and with the click in laminate flooring method, the installation has become almost as simple as the children’s jigsaw puzzle play.

click lock laminate flooringclick laminate flooring

Click lock laminate flooring benefits

There are several benefits to both - laminate and click flooring method itself. Click laminate flooring is a very durable choice (especially if you choose the best laminate flooring brands), easy to clean and beautiful. Click lock laminate flooring needs no maintenance - once installed, that’s it, you can enjoy it’s look and feel for years. We are sure that once you chose click lock laminate flooring, you won’t go back to anything else.

Other laminate click flooring pros

Laminate click flooring is among the most frequent choices because:

  • click in laminate flooring is easy to install even as a DIY project,
  • click lock laminate flooring makes no mess during the installation, because you need no glue, just a steady hand,
  • laminate click flooring is among most common options, therefore there is a wide variety of choices available,
  • the replacement of the individual tiles is simple with click lock laminate flooring - if need arises, you only need to carefully change one plank without too much effort and mess.

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