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Laminate bathroom flooring - can you put laminate flooring in a bathroom?

Laminate bathroom flooring is a relatively new and growing trend among homeowners who want a cheaper, simpler, durable and trendy alternative to ceramic tiles. The main question is can you put laminate flooring in a bathroom, without having to replace it the first time a little water splashes over the edge of your bathtub?

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Laminate bathroom flooring and moisture

Laminate bathroom flooring is water resistant, however that does not mean it is flood resistant. Laminate is made of approximately 90 % of wood, so if flooding occurs, the floor could swell. In normal circumstances, however, there will be no problems with moisture and splashing with water resistant laminate flooring. Bathrooms are different from any other room in the house, since the level of humidity is much higher than in the bedrooms, living area or kitchen. Taking that into account, manufacturers treat the laminate, intended for bathrooms, with a special water resistant coat. So, in short, the answer to the question “Can you put laminate flooring in a bathroom?” is “Yes, you can.”

Laminate bathroom flooring

What is the best laminate flooring for bathrooms?

When choosing the best laminate flooring for bathrooms you should most definitely consult the manufacturer or distributor about which flooring is suitable for a room with high humidity, especially if you’re doing the installation of laminate flooring in bathroom yourself. If someone else is installing the laminate, they might be able to advise you about the brand and type of laminate, according to their experiences. But either way, make sure you choose water resistant laminate flooring. Bathrooms generally do well with laminate, if it is the right kind and type and is installed and maintained in optimal conditions. And surely you don’t intend on flooding your bathroom, right? For normal use, laminate can be a comfortable and durable choice that will save you time and money.

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