Italian parquet is the way to go if a quality finish and fine details are desired

The difference between laminate and parquet flooring is that parquet flooring is made out of solid wood, where laminate flooring consists of mostly other materials then wood. Both have pros and cons but, for durability and quality of look and feel, we at Alpod advice parquet over laminate flooring. We assure a better investment when it comes to parquet flooring, as our prices are not that much higher than fake or laminate versions.

Fine flooring and parquets at excellent prices, Alpod offers unseen deals

italian parquetCrafting Italian parquetflooring has been a highly regarded skill for many decades. The refined wood parquet flooring has distinct qualities to it in design, finish, and material. Buying such parquet flooring at a decent price was challenging until we came out with our Alpod flooring line. Now solid wooden floors like fine Italian parquet flooring, go for the price at which veneer parquet floors used to be sold. Stunning looks, highly rigid and durable parquets, at affordable prices. We did it, with Alpod we kicked so hard at the old rusty flooring industry that competition rather sees us dead than alive, but customers praise us for it.


Only the finest parquets, while prices start incredibly affordable

best italian hardwood parquetSuper good looking, highly durable flooring made in Italy. Parquet of outstanding quality, veneer flooring and competing prices for the best parquet, that’s Alpod. We stand for serving our customers with lifelong joy for their interiors, in any situation a perfect match that lasts. Even after decades, we know that our floors are still in excellent condition, which is the biggest difference between a quality wood parquet, and low-cost laminate flooring. The durability, look and feel of real Italian wooden parquet flooring cannot be beaten by any type of laminate or look-a-like wood. But where to buy such great parquet? Flooring upon one can rely, at an affordable price? Pass by at one of our dealers to find out what we can do for your specific situation, and be surprised with the many offers. More information about us and our products here:!