When installing laminate flooring on concrete use quality underlayment

If you would like to know how to install laminate flooring on concrete you can find all information on our site. You can find many how to questions and answers regarding laminate flooring. There is information on how to correctly prepare surface for installing laminate flooring, how to correctly install laminate tiles, how to care for your new floors after installation, how to maintain it.

Putting laminate flooring on concrete


On our site you can find information on how to install laminate flooring on concrete

Installing laminate flooring on concrete is not demanding process but there are few basic rules that need to be followed for good results. Surface has to be dry and clean and it has to be levelled. How do you know if concrete surface is dry? To measure humidity of concrete we use special meter. Laminate flooring installation on concrete has to be done with use of quality underlayment. How does underlayment work? It is the best water, temperature and sound barrier which protects tiles.

Installation of laminate flooring on concrete is simple and quick

installing laminate flooringIf you don't know how to install laminate flooring on concrete, we advise you to leave the job to professionals. They know how to lay tiles following basic rules and with that they guarantee long lasting floors. Laminate flooring can be installed on all kind of surfaces. Most common is installing laminate flooring over concrete basement. Beside underlayment which we highly recommend we also advise to use extra layer of protection which is vapor barrier. Vapor barrier is placed between concrete surface and underlayment. When installing laminate flooring over concrete it is best to use foam or rubber underlayment. Foam is most commonly used underlayment because it is not expensive and is easy to install. Rubber is the best underlayment, especially for humid rooms. It is the best water and sound isolator.