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Parquet flooring installation - hire a professional

Parquet flooring installation is among the most difficult home construction works and also among the most delicate ones. If we want a truly breath-taking and high-quality result, it’s not enough to just buy parquet from a renowned parquet flooring company, like Floor Experts, we also need to be masters of parquet flooring installation. The process is complex and there are also numerous parquet flooring design availiable (e. g. herringbone parquet flooring and others, which we’ll mention later).

parquet flooring installation company how to protect herringbone parquet flooring

Furthermore, we need to know how to protect parquet flooring and how to care for parquet flooring if we want that our parquet flooring installation will be a once-in-a-lifetime obligation.

Brief parquet flooring installation guide

Parquet flooring installation begins with planning and preparation. We need to decide what we want, which colour would work best in our home and which pattern we like. There are options beyond the most common herringbone parquet flooring, and the more complex they are, the better parquetry master we need. Then we prepare the subfloor and carefully lay the tiles (without adhesive). When we like what we see, we can add adhesive too. First row is the most important, because it will guide us further. The parquet flooring installation ends with rolling, sanding and applying finish.

Herringbone parquet flooring and other patterns

When it comes to style and patterns, our options are almost limitless. Among the most common choices are:

  • single herringbone parquet flooring,
  • double herringbone parquet flooring,
  • brick parquet flooring installation,
  • basket wave pattern and chevron.

However, you can draw your inspiration from the traditional French parquetry and go for Chantilly, Petit Marly, Bourbon, Chenonceau, Chantreuse, Aremberg, Fontainbleau etc.


For more ideas you can contact friendly team at Floor Experts and start to discover a wonderful world of wooden parquet.