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How to install engineered hardwood flooring - a beginner’s guide

How to install engineered hardwood flooring is often the first and most important question homeowners ask when deciding whether to buy solid hardwood floors or engineered wood parquet flooring. Deciding on the second can save you money and time.

Engineered wood parquet flooring - click and go!

Quite possibly the most appealing thing about engineered wood parquet flooring is the fact that it can be installed quickly and walked on immediately after installation. Many people decide to install it themselves, since the click-lock mechanismmakes the work so easy!

The installation takes three steps:

  • First, the wood needs to acclimate to the room for a minimum of 48 hours (or more depending on the manufacturer’s instructions) before the installation.
  • Then the subfloor needs to be prepped for installation by laying down a moisture barrier or underlay (if the flooring is laid onto cement, an additional PE foil needs to be installed before the underlay), which takes no more than a few hours.
  • And finally, the installation is simple and quick - the single boards are click-locked together, either with the use of an adhesive or not. A little space (up to 15 millimetres) is left between the boards on the edges and the walls, allowing the floor to expand and contract as it is natural for wood. If you’re using prefinished flooring, no additional varnishing is needed! You can walk on engineered click hardwood flooring and place furniture right away.
How to install engineered hardwood flooring

Is cleaning engineered wood floors a nuisance?

Cleaning engineered wood floors is actually quite simple and all the maintenance that this type of flooring needs. Regular sweeping or light vacuuming will take care of the dirt and debris and an occasional cleaning with a damp mop should be enough for the daily upkeep, even for hand scraped engineered hardwood flooring. Oiled parquet flooring will still need to be refinished every once in a while, though. For stains and the more persistent dirt, you can use a cleaning agent that the floors manufacturer recommends.

What you should never use for cleaning engineered wood floors

Do not use steam cleaners on engineered click hardwood flooring, as it may force moisture through to the wood core and swelling can occur. Ammonia, vinegar and other aggressive cleaning agents should also be avoided, as well as all abrasive cleaning tools. Regular cleaning is important, not only for hygienic purposes, but also because dirt and debris cause abrasions on the floor and may damage the protective layer. It might not be as obvious on hand scraped engineered hardwood flooring, but it will still affect the longevity of your floors.