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How to install laminate flooring on concreteFor installation of laminate flooring on concrete use underlayment

If you don`t know how to install laminate flooring on concrete you can find advice on our site or you can leave the job to professionals. Installing laminate flooring over concrete is not complicated. But you have to follow some important directions for good end results. First you have to properly prepare concrete surface. It has to be levelled, dry, clean and without any big surface imperfections. When concrete surface meets all criteria, underlayment can be laid. Best underlayment for laminate flooring on concrete is foam, rubber or cork. Installation of additional vapour barrier is highly recommended to protect laminate flooring from humidity of concrete. Underlayment works as water and sound barrier and as a temperature insulator. If properly installed it gives laminate flooring stability and allows it to naturally expand and contract.

Laminate flooring has to be installed on completely dry concrete

If you still wonder can you put laminate flooring on concrete, the answer is yes. You can install laminate flooring on all surfaces. Concrete is most common surface for laying laminate flooring. If concrete subfloor is newly built, you have to let it to dry completely. Humidity can be measured with special device. If concrete is not dry enough, humidity can damage laminate flooring beyond repair.

Installing laminate flooring over concrete

Floating method is best for installing laminate flooring on concrete

Laminate flooring is usually installed with floating method. This method is done without use of glue. Floating method has many advantages over gluing methods. There are no vapours which are harmful to your health and to environment, after installation of flooring you can immediately set the furniture because there is no need to wait for glue to dry. Floating method is also cleaner and faster. Planks have a tongue and groove which fit together perfectly. Planks are simply clicked in place.

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