Herringbone parquet wood flooring is very attractive and modern

Wood parquet flooring can be installed in beautiful patterns. Most common patterns are brick, herringbone, chevron, basketwave and hexagon. Herringbone parquet wood flooring is stunning pattern which enhances every room. Wood parquet tiles are laid in zig zag pattern. Herringbone pattern can be made with wood parquet flooring in different colours which create special effects. Tiles which are used for herringbone pattern are usually large size or different sizes of wood parquet tiles can be used. Herringbone parquet wood flooring can be placed in different patterns: single, double or diagonal. Chevron looks almost exactly like herringbone, the difference between the two is in shape of tiles. Tiles used to create herringbone have classic cut, tiles for chevron pattern are cut at an angle and they create perfect arrow shape pattern.


Installing solid wood parquet flooring with gluing method is a job for professionals

All stunning patterns are created with parquet solid wood flooring. Some patterns like herringbone, chevron and hexagon are really complicated to accomplish. That is the reason their installation is very time consuming and it has to be done precisely. If you would like to install your wood parquet flooring in herringbone, chevron or hexagon pattern, we advise to hire professionals to do the job for you. Wood parquet flooring is meant to last for decades with proper care and maintenance therefore it is wise to have it installed professionally.

parquet solid wood flooringcaring for parquet wood flooring

Caring for oiled or lacquered parquet wood flooring is not demanding

Caring for parquet wood flooring is not complicated however it has to be done regularly and thoroughly. Herringbone parquet wood flooring can have lacquered or oiled surface finish. Lacquered herringbone parquet wood flooring has to be cleaned first with vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt particles which can cause scratches. After installation, herringbone parquet wood flooring has to be cleaned with special cleaning agent to create protective layer. It is advisable to use this cleaning agent once or twice a year to refresh lacquered surface and to repair small imperfections. Complete renovation of herringbone parquet wood flooring is usually done once in a decade. If you install herringbone wood parquet flooring with oiled surface finish, caring for it is a bit more extensive. After vacuuming, you have to use special cleaning agent which is diluted in water. It is applied on herringbone parquet flooring with damp cloth. You have to use two buckets. One which contains clean water and other which contains diluted cleaner. Before dipping cloth into cleaner, you always have to rinse it with clean water. Don't rinse off the cleaner which creates protective layer. After few minutes you have to wipe the cleaning agent and you are done. This cleaning process has to be done once a month and your herringbone wood parquet flooring will be less sustainable to dirt. Herringbone wood parquet flooring also needs to be treated with maintenance oil. Oil has to be applied manually or with machine on clean surface of herringbone parquet flooring without any leftovers of cleaning agent. After application of oil, you have to wait for an hour before you polish herringbone wood parquet flooring. You can polish parquet wood flooring manually or with polishing machine.

Parquet wood flooring in herringbone pattern is suitable for every home

Herringbone parquet wood flooring can be installed with two methods. Floating method is done with use of underlayment. This is a quick method without use of glue. Because there are no toxic fumes, this is health and environment friendly method. Other method for installing herringbone parquet wood flooring is gluing method. This method offers best stability to tiles. It is best that is done professionally because it is quite demanding and there is no room for mistakes. Herringbone parquet wood flooring is quite an investment which has to be done professionally for long lasting results.