Hardwood veneer, wood veneer and other types of flooring at highly competitive prices

One of the best price to quality ratio floor products ever is hardwood veneer flooring. Creating a thin layer of solid wood can combine phenomenal results with the sustainable practices of using processed wood. Hardwood veneer is a type of flooring that can last multiple lifetimes, while the price is nowhere near that of solid hardwood. Saving a great amount of money and natural resources, and choosing a veneer wood floor can make a great difference for your wallet. To the eye there’s no difference, so this is an easy choice.


Why wood veneer stands out from most types of flooring

It terms of price to quality ration, hardwood veneer floors outperform most other options. If natural wood is desired, and the floor situation allows the use of natural materials, veneer is the way to go. Hardwood and wood veneer floors are always unique, as natural material can never be exactly replicated. Having a one of a kind product brings an exclusive touch to the feet. Having developed veneer floors for decades, Floor Experts can guarantee a quality produce when it comes to wood veneer and laminate flooring. The low veneer floor price compared to solid wood floors, and the lower cost of installation makes wood and hardwood veneer floors attractive to price conscious people who prefer natural materials.

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How wood veneer flooring can change a room into something special

When natural wood can be used, it should be used. Floors made of natural wood veneer laminate will always stand out from laminate or other artificial flooring types. The smell, look and feel of a hardwood veneer floor cannot be beaten, and when it comes to quality and durability there’s nothing like natural materials. It can easily be restored and has an amazing lifespan.