Wood parquet flooring - how to style it?

Wood parquet flooring is not only beautiful and timeless, but also extremely versatile, which means you can easily incorporate hardwood parquet flooring in your home, no matter your interior design. You can’t go wrong with any natural colour of wood parquet flooring.

The choice of wood parquet flooring colours

solid wood parquet flooringMost of the wood species come in a beautiful shades of brown colours, ranging from light to darker shades of hardwood parquet flooring. They can include a tinge of red or resemble the colour of honey. Grey parquet flooring also present a nonobtrusive background of your home. You can style grey wood parquet flooring with white walls and white or black furniture for Scandinavian or minimalistic design or you can add any colour to spice up your interior. Dark parquet floors in combination with white walls create an eye-catching contrast or you can incorporate wooden furniture for rustic style. With the end result in mind, you can also consider different wood species, like parquet oak flooring, pine parquet flooring, bamboo or ash - but no matter which parquet flooring type you’ll choose, your home will flare up and stand from the crowd with a high quality wood parquet flooring, which you can buy at Floor Experts.


Engineered or solid hardwood parquet flooring

hardwood flooring parquetEngineered parquet is made from layers of wood (strands, particles, fibres etc.), glued together in solid planks. Hardwood parquet flooring on the other hand is real, treated but otherwise unchanged wood. The decision between engineered and real solid hardwood parquet flooring rests entirely upon you. Solid wood parquet flooring offers more options when it comes to wood species, and can be sanded and renewed numerous times. Engineered parquet can be sanded once, but it’s installation is easier and it also holds moisture a bit better. Bottom line is - they will both, engineered or solid wood parquet flooring, perform their function well and will surprise you with their quality and durability.