Hand scraped oak laminate flooring - the new trend that loves the old!

Hand scraped oak laminate flooring has an appearance of old, worn floors. Homeowners are paying a lot of money for hand-scraped floors to achieve the look of rustic old wood, like you see in old manors and villas. However, now there’s a cheaper alternative. A hand-scraped look in oak color laminate flooring gives you the exact same worn look without the expensive process of scraping actual wood.


Oak color laminate flooring - a world of possibilities

hand scraped oak laminate flooringHand scraped oak laminate flooring is engineered flooring that costs much less than hardwood. Modern technologies make many different looks of oak glueless laminate flooring possible - from natural bleached oak parquet effect laminate flooring, ash oak laminate flooring to hand scraped ash oak laminate flooring, depending on the effect that you want to achieve in your home. Homeowners often choose regular oak color laminate flooring for kitchens and either natural oak parquet effect laminate flooring or hand scraped oak laminate flooring for dens, living rooms and bedrooms. Ash oak laminate flooring looks great in modern homes; whereas hand scraped oak laminate flooring compliments traditional interiors and antique furnishings.

Oak glueless laminate flooring is the perfect choice!

oak color laminate flooringRegardless of the type of oak color laminate flooring you choose, glueless ashoak color laminate flooring is a great choice for any home. It is cheap, durable and demands little upkeep. Its simple installation and great price makes oak laminate flooring for kitchens the optimal choice, whereas hand scraped oak laminate flooring can save you tons of money! If you aren’t convinced by oak color, there are many more options, like classic walnut laminate, beech colored laminate and even bamboo colored laminate. Visit Floor Experts to learn more about the different options of engineered flooring.